Here’s what members say about Satori.

“This fall will be my second year to sing with Satori Men’s chorus. I can hardly wait to see what Susan, our artistic director, will come up with next. We’ve done really fun songs and some that really challenged us. The new friendships I’ve made have been great for me, having just moved to the area last year. — Billy Fox, member since 2018

“Satori has been a great musical outlet for me, and a great way to spend fun time with a bunch of cool guys. Musically, there always seems to be an opportunity to stretch my comfort zone when I want to be challenged, or to just relax when I don’t.” — Ken Skach-Mills, member since 1999

Over twenty-five years Satori has given me a voice and a family of friends. — Doug Sherman, member since 1993

“As a member of Satori, I have grown as a singer, learning to read music, how to blend my section with the other sections, and how to convey feeling, including through dynamics.” — Tom Woods, member since 2005

“Satori has enriched my life immersuably. I had no musical training and didn’t sing until I was over 40. The practice recordings and supportive environment enabled me to discover and develop talents I didn’t know I had. And you can’t find a finer group of men.” — John Kelly, member since 1994

“Being able to sing with other men brings a calm and peace to my life.” — Dale Mathis, member since 2008

“Satori brought me back to making music and brought me a bunch of good friends. — Clayton Morgareidge, member since 2005

“My experience with Satori has always been enlightening, both when I joined and now.” — Misha Weleber, member since 1993

“Satori brings musical styles and genres that stretch and broaden our abilities, horizons, and outlook.” — Roger Smith, member since 2008

“Satori taught me that I can sing. Beyond that, Satori gave me the freedom of expression to experience solo and small ensemble singing as well as choral singing, and I experienced this among a group of supportive, interesting men. ” — Rob Shinny, member since 1993