Satori Men’s Chorus is a multi-level choir in Portland, Oregon, where men of all ages and musical abilities sing, grow as musicians, enjoy friendship and entertain audiences. We perform at least three concerts between September and mid-June, featuring a variety of musical styles, including traditional, contemporary pop, Broadway, folk, classical, jazz, and gospel.

Mission Statement: “We are a community of men expressing our commitment to peace through song.”

2020-21 Season Concerts:
Even though our March and June 2020 concerts were cancelled due to the Corona Virus, it hasn’t stopped us from singing via Zoom. Pending further information about performance  safety, our intention is to have a concert in the Spring of 2021.
  Here are YouTube links to pieces that were scheduled for our March 2020 concert:

“Caged Bird”


The poetry is from the book “Why the Caged Bird Sings” the autobiography of Maya Angelou, American writer and poet, and the music of Mark Hayes, American composer and arranger.
The poetry and music together touches the soul of so many who may feel their voices are not being heard.   Many thanks to Ben Milstein who created this recording by individual members sending him their parts, and to Ernie Tong for creating the video.  

You can also find/like us on Facebook. Search for “Satori Men’s Chorus – Men Singing Peace” to receive new videos as we publish them and information about upcoming events. 

Stay tuned to see the other activities we are involved in.  Stay well.

Concerts will be at Central Portland, 1820 NE 21st Ave, Portland, OR

Satori Men’s Chorus does not have any religious or political affiliation.

“On Children”        Rumi/Ysaye Barnwell