Satori Men’s Chorus is a community chorus that exists to give our members the pleasure of singing and our audiences the enjoyment of our concerts. Members are from the community and are not trained musicians. While some have an ear for music, but don’t read it, Satori is able bring joy and happiness to both its members and audiences. And Satori is equal to any choir in its ability to convey emotion through song.

Satori’s motto is “men singing peace,” which reflects both the choir’s history and posture relative to world events. In addition to supporting the cause of peace, Satori advances peace through the experience of its members interacting with each other and making music together.

The word satori means “a fleeting yet transformational moment of enlightenment, an extraordinary experience of grace, wonder and mystery.” Satori members have often experienced “satori moments,” when our music has transcended our individual voices and we became as one, even for that fleeting moment.

David York founded Satori in 1993 to provide a community-based choral experience for men of all vocal abilities to come together and sing. Out of this came our mission statement, “We are a community of men expressing our commitment to peace through song.”

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