Anything Goes!


Our most recent concert:
Anything Goes and Nothing’s Off Limits
A Satori Men’s Chorus Concert and Fundraising Event
Saturday, June 9, 2018  
PORTLAND, OR – Join Satori Men’s Chorus for their June concert and fundraising blockbuster, “Anything Goes” – featuring a wide-ranging, funtastic mix of musical entertainment. This one performance only, family-friendly concert, under the direction of Susan Dorn, with accompaniment by Ben Milstein, will be held at Portland Central (Central Lutheran Church) in Portland.
Satori Men’s Chorus offers a musical extravaganza unlike anything before – so why not call it “Anything Goes”? That’s right … Satori decided to sing songs that could never be done in any other concert. Not simply Broadway, not plain-old country, not the usual classical – no, definitely not the norm! It’s Satori Men’s Chorus like you’ve never experienced it! One minute you hear Cole Porter and the next minute, Roger Miller! First it’s Mary Poppins, and then it’s Don Quixote! And just when you think you’re ready for what comes next … you aren’t! Here comes Rosemary Clooney, followed by a Tyrolian yodel, and then it’s Frank Sinatra! Say what? And just what do The Drifters and British tavern-goers have in common? Satori Men’s Chorus, that’s what!
But it’s OK … there’s reason to the rhythm and rhyme. Satori Men’s Chorus is closing their 2017-2018 season with their Annual June Concert and Fundraising Event. This is the event where it’s “Anything Goes”, which means nothing’s off-limits! No limit to the fun! No limit to the funds raised! No limit to the chance to win a raffle item. Be there to win a weekend getaway to the coast or the mountains, tickets for sporting events or some other mystery surprises … and only available to some very lucky concert-goers. Raffle tickets will be available for purchase at the concert for $5.00 each. Each raffle ticket is your chance at winning some wonderful surprises and big ticket items. Buy as many raffle tickets as you want, and feel free to “stuff the ballot box” for your favorite things.
Funds raised from this event supports Satori Men’s Chorus’ mission of “men expressing joy and peace through choral music” and will allow Satori to fund its upcoming 25th season, covering expenses and allow for activities such as outreach concerts, education, and much more. Plan on being a part of the song-filled Satori-thon!
Concert Tickets Available at the Door – Adults:  $15 – Youth (ages 6 thru 10):  $7 – Children under 5:  Free